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A Canadian In God’s Own Country

In the fall of 2016, journalist and documentary filmmaker Robin Benger felt the overwhelming resolve to pack in a forty year career based in Toronto, during which he covered events in some of the world’s most dangerous hotspots, and move into a caravan with his wife in North Yorkshire.

Finding himself surrounded by the moors to the north, the wolds to the east, the dales to the west, and the Howardian Hills all around, Robin was immediately intoxicated by the beauty, the farmlands, the sheep, the cows, the streams, the birds, and the pathways themselves with their kissing gates and winding ways. And the people he met.

This book is his journal about a genteel English summer stopping life to walk, dream and look around, umpire for a village team and play golf.

What they’re saying…

“Not since Bill Bryson has this muddy isle been framed with such wit, tenderness and insight. A fabulous debut that will take you far from the shrill bubble of London to where the heart of Britain still beats – loud, proud and just a little bit cranky.”
Tim Butcher – journalist, broadcaster and author

“The writing is crisp, immediate, the perceptions acute, the entertainment palpable and, above all, the curiosity with landscape and humans endless.”
George Costigan, actor and author

“Just the book to give a mate if they want to walk in Yorkshire or check out Van Morrison’s Belfast. And if they love golf or cricket, all the better. Benger is a seasoned witness of conflict zones, but here he celebrates a gentler world: the high streets and tea rooms of obscure towns and villages, the hills and moors, and the characters he encounters on his rambles. He has a fine eye and ear for the absurd and a wicked talent for transforming our pretensions into comedy. Get hold of a copy. You won’t be sorry.”
Kenneth De Kok – author