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This is their hustle.

She’ll pick up the john and point him down the blind alley.Just as she’s getting him all fired up real good, Dave, who is hidden behind a garbage bin, will jump out, knife drawn, and they’ll take the guy’s money.Ninety percent of the johns will be happy to escape unscathed and won’t call the cops.Those who do?

Angel admits to 123 criminal convictions.123.How is that possible? Rategan thinks to himself.He checks with a contact with access to the database.She says, yeah.122.

Assault, procuring, lewd acts, forgery, uttering death threats, assault with a deadly weapon.She is barred from entire neighbourhoods.It’s a police procedure copied from New York City.You ticket troublemakers and get them out of bad areas.Angel is barred both from the intersection and barred from the building she is now in so the only way to get her out is in a blue recycling bin.She crams herself in and Dave the Goalie slams down the lid and takes her down in the elevator.He wheels her over to the parking lot at Filmore’s strip joint and as guilty-looking salesmen exit their brown Buicks for a quick lap dance, he tips her out.She rolls out like a burly Comâneci onto her toes, sticks the landing, and spreads her arms, grinning.


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